About Code Smith LLC

Who We Are

Code Smith LLC is a Georgia-based company that is dedicated to developing high-quality, professional websites for small businesses and individuals.

What We Stand For

a blacksmith striking hot metal on an anvil

The company derives its name from the art of blacksmithing, a traditionally time-consuming and physically demanding profession that focuses on refining something raw and simple into something exquisite and practical. However blacksmithing is much more than a simple craft; it is an art, an art that demands years of experience and a subtle and unique elegance on the part of the smith to excel at.

Like the blacksmith, we at Code Smith see our craft as much more than the act of producing websites. Each website we build is a work of art from its inception. We refuse to use any manner of visual templates, 'cookie cutters,' or technological shortcuts when designing our websites; rather, our development process relies solely on the wealth of experience, unparalleled skill, and devotion to quality of our developers to produce unique and sophisticated products that are exclusively designed for each and every one of our customers. We feel that, while our approach may ultimately be more demanding and time-consuming than some alternatives, the level of quality one sees in a product conceived, created, and refined by a true smith is incomparable to that of a product crafted using a common mold. Whereas a mold is only capable of producing duplicates of a once-original concept whose novelty fades with each copy, the smith adds a unique spark of life, identity, and beauty to their product. Where the mold produces mediocrity, the smith produces art.

Where We Are Going

Though our company currently focuses on crafting websites, we ultimately plan to take full advantage of the skillsets of our employees, expanding into development of a variety of applications, software libraries, and video games. Look for updates on these projects, as well as additional websites, here on our site.